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At the beginning of February abstract submitters will be informed
about acceptance of their abstracts.


The presenting author of the abstract must be registered to the Congress in order to have the presentation (oral or poster) included in the Congress Programme.


Instructions for the sumission of abstracts

Abstracts must be submitted through the online forum management system. No other means of submission will be accepted.

Click on the “Submit abstracts / Submit Symposium or Poster Workshop” links to go on to the online submission page. You will need to register for submission. The registration will allow you to create your personal account where all your abstracts will be at your disposal for any additional corrections until the abstract is sent. When you submit your abstract please identify the appropriate topic that best categorises your paper.

The abstract must be a maximum of 300 words (excluding title and authors) and must be written in English.

All abstracts are peer reviewed in a blind evalutation process. WAIMH REVIEW PANELS >>

Abstracts are invited under the following oral and poster presentation types:

  • Brief oral presentation
  • Poster
  • Video presentation
  • Workshop
  • Poster workshop
  • Symposium

Description of submission categories for the Congress are given below. In each category you can submit a scientific or clinical abstract.

Submission categories >>


Abstracts are invited under the following themes:

  1. Advocacy and Infant Mental Health policy
  2. Antenatal and perinatal practices
  3. Attachment: research, security of attachment and disorders of attachment
  4. Caregiving contexts
  5. Cross cultural studies – Global strategies for infants, families and communities
  6. Early development, child health and mental health
  7. Evaluation and outcomes: scientific studies and early interventions
  8. Infant Mental Health services, training, teaching, supervision and consultation
  9. Observation and assessment: diagnosis, treatment and clinical issues
  10. Parent-infant interaction and early relationship development
  11. Parenting and family process
  12. Prematurity and high-risk infants
  13. Problems, symptoms and disorders of the infant
  14. Problems with parenting and high risk families (e.g. adolescent parenting, parental substance abuse, family violence and child abuse)
  15. Promotion and prevention in community context


In scientific abstracts we ask you to use the following structure: Introduction, Aims of the study, Material and Methods, Results, Conclusions.

Guidelines for submissions for clinical presentationsTitle of presentation, Aim of the presentation – what are you wanting to illustrate? The therapeutic process of a case? The presentation of a problem and its resolution (or non-resolution) through the therapeutic process? The presentation of a new clinical service or intervention?

Synopsis of case or your intervention: a 200 – 250 word summary of the case or of the clinical programme or intervention.

If you are submitting for a clinical symposium, please prepare each presentation with 20-minute presentation with 10 minute discussion.