Half-day Pre-congress

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Bridging infant and early childhood mental health training, competency and professional development. 

Chaired by:
Maree Foley (PhD) and Anna Huber (PhD)


This half day workshop is being facilitated by the WAIMH Affiliates Council.  In response to feedback from affiliate members, this workshop will provide in-depth information about infant mental health training programmes from around the globe. A breadth of programmes will be featured ranging from well-established formal programmes to those that are not well known but serve unique local/regional training needs. Details about how to access these trainings will be outlined.  In addition, arenas of IMH practice and research competency will be discussed. A cross-cultural lens will be used to prioritise and contextualise competencies. The workshop will also include narratives and stories from infant mental health practitioners and researchers about their journey of becoming an infant mental health specialist. It will also include narratives from specialists about their experiences of establishing an infant mental health training programme.