Journey through Ancient Rome

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The Forum of Augustus
Representation conceived by Piero Angela and Paco Lanciano


While spacing on various aspects of the Roman world, the story of the city is still anchored to the site of Augustus. Creatively using some remains of the Tempio di Venere commissioned by Julius Caesar, the breathtaking cultural entertainment which will take place inside the Forum tries to let the stones “speak” for themselves and induce visitors relive the emotion of the life of time in Rome, when officials, plebeians, soldiers, matrons, consuls and senators walked under the porticoes of the Forum.

Besides the faithful reconstruction of the area, with special effects of all kinds, the story told by the voice of Piero Angela take viewers on the footsteps of Augustus, whose giant statue, over 12 meters high, dominated the area next to the temple.

A new period of Roman history started under Augustus: as a matter of fact the imperial age was one of great achievement, within a century Rome ruled over an empire which extended from current England to the borders of the modern Iraq, including most of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. These achievements led to the expansion not only of the empire, but also of culture, technologies, legal rules, art. Traces of that past are still visible in all parts of the Empire, with amphitheaters, baths, libraries, temples, roads.

Rome at that time had more than one million inhabitants: no city in the world had ever had a population of those proportions; only London in the XIX century reached that size. It was the great metropolis of antiquity: the capital of economics, law, power and entertainment.

Entrance address: Via Alessandria/Largo Corrado Ricci